Friday, October 6, 2017


I'm always happy to welcome autumn and this year perhaps more than any other year. Summer had more than its share of challenges and while it's true that all's well that ends well, I could have lived without such an eventful season. So, hello autumn, and welcome October.

I've had a Hudson Bay Blanket on my "hunt" list for a long time. This was the year for me to find one. Perfect size, vivid colors - just love it!

find it here

And for me, the season isn't complete until I find a dough bowl in an extra large size, and some pumpkins to go with it. Mission accomplished - I even managed to score some birch branches!

click here for deets
We're stocking up ALL the shops - Etsy, Chairish, and our latest - Ruby Lane - with fab fall finds and everything you need for entertaining! See you soon! - marilyn

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

post hurricane musings

September was complicated. First there was the settling back in from our voyage to Vermont (where I would have happily spent the month of September!). Then, all of a sudden, there was a hurricane bearing down on us. Having been through Matthew last year we had no desire to sit around waiting for Irma to arrive so we self-evacuated. That was made quite palatable by it being the week of the month that Scott's Antiques Market takes place in Atlanta. Georgia, here we come!

A super show with super finds, from modern to rustic, just the way we like them. From a fab pair of modern Mexican tin bird candlesticks

in my Etsy shop listed here

to a fun rustic farmhouse style stool in layers of old white, blue and green paint

find it here
and let's not forget the holidays are on the way - entertain or gift a fab set of silver Japanese lacquerware cocktail trays - from Nieman Marcus no less!!

find them here
Things are hopping here. Hope they are for you too, in a good way!! - marilyn

Sunday, September 3, 2017

News for September

August flew by way too fast. Our annual road trip to Vermont, and lots of excitement with the opening of our new shop on Ruby Lane where you'll find antiques that we love.

As is always the case, we found wonderful things on our road trip (the only question is how we ever fit them all in the car!). Here are some of our favorites:

In our new Ruby Lane shop, a fantastic - and huge - wicker rattan boat bumper buoy. I've never seen one quite like it before; isn't it terrific??

fabulous patina - 27" long and 53" circumference, listed here

A classic in our Chairish shop, a Kartell design lucite lamp with "pleated" shade that we just love

such style! find it here

And over on Etsy, a touch of rustic charm. I always like finding vintage fishing creels; love them hung on a front door with seasonal flowers and greens!

original leather trim adds to its vintage charm. find it here
As you can see, it's been a busy month, but a good one. And I'm always happy to see Fall arrive; it's no secret that it's my favorite season.

Wishing you all a happy September, full of great finds and joy. Peace out - marilyn

Saturday, August 5, 2017

what i love this week

If you've been following along with my Etsy shop or Instagram you'll know I'm on the road. Which, incidentally, is one of my favorite places to be, particularly if it means Pennsylvania and Vermont! So of course the first find I have to share came from our speed shopping through Renninger's Adamstown market. I could have spent lots more time (and money!) but we had many miles ahead of us, and it just meant more opportunities for great things in Vermont.

But THIS. I love old game wheels and carnival items, and when they come with a story, even better!

This fabulous antique Pennsylvania game wheel is made of lightweight aluminum, circa 1900, a great piece of vintage Americana with a rustic industrial luxe vibe.

Marked in the middle Baumstown Footpath Association, Baumstown is located in Berks County in Eastern Pennsylvania. I have found references in the Reading Pennsylvania newspaper archives as early as 1893 and as late as 1918 to the Association; an August 20, 1893 article talks about their peach and ice cream festival being a big success, and a game wheel such as this would have been exactly the kind of thing they'd have had in use. There are references other events held to raise funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the footpath, or walking trail if you prefer.

It so rarely happens that you can trace the history of a piece, it makes this wheel even more special. You can find it in my Etsy shop through this link.

The second thing I want to share isn't something I have in my shop, rather it's something I encountered in my travels. Look how marvelously this wall in a hotel lobby is decorated with vintage silver trays. Wonderful to see folks appreciating and utilizing vintage in such creative ways. If you have a chance to visit the Essex Resort & Spa in Essex, Vermont (you can go there for half price wing night on Thursdays as we did!), you'll enjoy all the creative touches you'll find!

Still on the road, shopping as much as possible. Tune in for next week's finds!

Happy Trails - marilyn

Saturday, July 15, 2017

fab find for the week!

Ok, I'm excited, I admit it. A wild departure from last week's folk art, this fabulous vintage 5 arm tole chandelier brimming with porcelain flowers is such a rare find that it might be the find of the month (I hope the rest of the month's finds aren't reading this!)

Stunning, huge at 20" tall and 20" across, I couldn't resist it's Frenchy boho shabby Paris wild abandon allure, even though it's a bit of a shipping nightmare. But some things are just worth it, no? I think you'll agree! Just listed in my Etsy shop!

click here to go to the Etsy listing

different styles of flowers - quite unusual!
Really, is there anything more to be said? Other than, it was a good week!!

Hope your week has been full of great surprises! - marilyn

Thursday, June 29, 2017

find of the week - folk art love

Here in my Etsy shop I've had some great finds this week, from a Kaj Franck for Arabia mid century cruet from their most popular Kilta line, a fun mod porcelain decanter decorated with owls, to this week's Find of the Week, a folk art carved deer head decorated with actual antlers, with a real touch of whimsy thrown in!

this terrific folk art piece can be found here
Here's what I really love. Most often when you see antlers they are simply mounted on a plaque. It's a look, but it doesn't have anywhere near the appeal as when you throw in a little folk art. First, a carved head. Second, the painted nose with nostrils carefully carved in as well. Third, black faceted eyes - were they buttons? earrings? They're just a fabulous added touch that makes this a one of a kind piece of folk art. Hands down, the find of the week!

Signing off from stormy Florida. Hope your week is a great one! - marilyn

Saturday, June 24, 2017

a nautical find of the week

I've found several things recently with which I'm pretty pleased, but when the votes are cast, this antique New England pond boat, or pond yacht as some say, has to be the winner.

antique pond boat available here in my etsy shop
The size alone makes it quite special - 35" tall and 30" wide, and when you add to that the original painted surface, crackled with age, and that it has its original stand, it becomes a true one of a kind piece.

Living in Florida I don't come across good antique rustic pieces that often, but about once a year (twice if I'm lucky) I come across a sale from a former New England resident or antiques dealer. There were a lot of good things at this sale and I grabbed up all I could.

Hope your week is full of pleasant surprises and great adventure - marilyn